Exercise and Activity Visits

Are you caught up with your work or family life so much that you are afraid your dog’s needs may be overlooked? Or you go the extra mile to make sure your dog is taken care of when you actually need a break yourself? Maybe you just got a puppy and realized he/she needs more activity than expected! Or you just need a fun visit to help break up your dog’s day. If you want your dog to still be happy and fulfilled while you are busy, I would love to help take care of them for you!

During an exercise visit I come to your house for all the fun. I can also bring your dog to a forest preserve or the dog park. Availability is Monday-Friday between 9:00am-3:00pm. Price range depends on location, frequency, duration of visit and type of activity. Most dogs are fulfilled within 15-20 minutes of solid activity although longer visits are always enjoyed! Please fill out this form and I would be happy to discuss more details over the phone! Looking forward to enjoying your dog for you 😉

Trainer led visits that are geared towards shaping your dog’s drive and enthusiasm towards engaging with their handler.

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