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Hi! I’m Shannon and I’ve been running K9 Satsifaction for over 11 years. I have a passion for dogs and love to bring them to their best potential. Puppy raising, training and play is a passionate hobby that has become my source of income. Exercise and activity trips are a healthy way to keep any dog in a more balanced state of mind.

I also work with many “issue” dogs helping their owners understand their particular dog, problem solve their approach and create solid replacement behaviors for the dog to resort to. I balance my approach with healthy exercise/activities, continued training, text support for the owners and visits. I love to help people find a better balance with their particular dog!

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The biggest thing I have worked on with Ada is impulse control: staying when it is difficult. She absolutely loves my dogs so wants to follow them everywhere, run at them and possibly get a pounce in looking for a reaction(yes, I’ve corrected her for the pouncing so has improved a lot). She lives with an older dog in the house and can get obsessed about poking fun when he is not interested in playing anymore. Similarly, she has a difficult time leaving my dogs alone when they are having fun. Having her down-stay while they play is a great impulse control drill for her and she is now able to do it off-leash. Good girl Ada!!! See MoreSee Less

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Tedi could use a refresher course 😂

Ada has been "mirroring" my dogs a lot ❤️ See MoreSee Less

Ada featuring a bit of play, working on her leash manners and some boot camp obedience on the long line: down-stay to recall to down-stay etc. See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago
K9 Satisfaction LLC

Ada likes to rough house and it is natural for dogs at this age to start escalating their play as they want more and more. This escalating tends to get more rough, loud, and chaotic. Knowing her limitations, when to back off and play gentler is so important to keep up her great social skills. Bliss is five years old and being very gentle, trying to de-escalate the play, laying down for Ada and being as tolerant as possible. Advocating for the older dog and making sure the younger dog is respectful of their elder’s space is just as important to make so the older dog doesn’t start getting defensive with other dogs. Thanks for watching 🙂 See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago
K9 Satisfaction LLC

Ada has a hard time staying and likes to burst through entrances. Since this is a safety concern it’s been a big priority! We have been working a lot on stays, especially at doorways, and now just starting to transfer some of her skills to off-leash capable while still dragging the long line just in case. Super proud of her! See MoreSee Less

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